Learn Chinese Online – 5 Reasons You Should Learn Chinese

1. 1.4 Billion of the World’s Population Speak Chinese-China is the world’s most populous country and plenty of people in other countries speak Chinese as well. Once you start learning, you’ll be running into native speakers right and left. Opportunities to practice and learn the language will pop out everywhere. If you can speak their language, you’ll develop new friendships which will benefit both of you.

2. Your Resume Will Look Great-Chinese isn’t taught in many schools in the United States, I’m not even sure where one could learn this language in my city. (Another reason why online learning is such a wonderful tool.) Once you are proficient, you can add your knowledge of the language to your resume and make a great impression on your future employer.

3. Increased Business Opportunities– You will definitely have an ‘in’ if you can speak Chinese when your company goes into its next business deal with a company from China or owned by a Chinese speaker. You will also be able to better understand them

4. Gain Cultural Insights– As a child I remember China being such a mysterious country. Now that I have learned the language and traveled around China, I have found that the people are much like me in everyday life but have many unique cultural differences. Sometimes the best way to unlock the mysteries of a culture is through understanding of the language. Online courses offer you the ability to watch videos that expose the culture and speak with natives of the country.

5. Develop a New Skill- Everyone wants to stay young and one way to do it is to never stop learning. Sure, it’s harder to learn as we get older but the benefits are great. Plus in some ways it is easier to learn as an adult. We know our learning style and how to make better use of our time.