ITEC Papers – Questions to Help With Your Exams

All ITEC papers consist of 50 multiple choice questions. There is a pass rate of 60% for all papers which is quite high.

Anyone studying an ITEC subject whether it is Anatomy and Physiology or Beauty, will be well aware of the amount of studying involved. Therefore it is very important to have a study guide that has a large set of multiple choice questions relevant to the subject that you are learning.

Exam success is all about consistency, you must be consistent with your studies throughout the year. Having a question bank of relevant, up to date questions will enable you to do this.

For the purpose of this article I am going to use Anatomy and Physiology as an example. Some examples of multiple choice questions that would be similar to those used on ITEC papers are as follows:

01. What sphincter controls the flow of urine through the urethra?
a) Esophageal
b) External – Answer
c) Pyloric
d) Cardiac

02. What is the function of the small intestine?
a) To absorb nutrients into the bloodstream – Answer
b) To emulsify fats and carbohydrates
c) To remove waste
d) To begin the production of intestinal juices

03. Which one of the following group of nerves is not present in spinal nerves?
a) Cervical
b) Thoracic
c) Sacral
d) Cranial – Answer

04. An efferent lymphatic vessel transports lymph;
a) To the lymphatic ducts
b) Back to the system – Answer
c) To the lymph nodes
d) To the lymphatic vessels

The best way to revise ITEC subjects is to take a number of questions every day, preferably 20-30, write them out on a piece of paper or some small information cards and read them over and over again. At the end of the week you should test yourself on what you have learned already. Use the multiple choice questions for this.