Discover Why Now Is The Right Time To Change Your Career

Discover Why Now the Right Time Is for Your Career Change

When you woke up today, what were your thoughts? Did you rise to the morning full of enthusiasm and motivation? Did you feel energised and excited about what lay ahead of you? Were you greeted with joy and anticipation at the thought of the day’s activities?

If the answer is No! No! And No! This is a great time to change your career so that you can answer yes! Yes! And Yes!

Whether we work for an employee or for ourselves, the act of work takes up many hours of our days and weeks. Should that act be an experience in which we feel motivated, joyous and excited? I would say that it most definitely should be. After all, there are too many people already having the experience where they are not motivated, excited or joyous.

So where you are in your current career and what is it about the role, the organisation, the people whom you work with and you, that have led you to answer No! No! No!? It could be that the organisations ethos, goal and strategic agenda, are not congruent with your own values and agenda. It may be the style of management which you are expected to deliver versus the style of management which you know is more effective.

So you know and feel that a coaching and mentoring model would work well with your employees but the organisation expects you to deliver a top down dictatorial style of management style. It may be that you have simply outgrown the organisation and that you are ready for new adventures, new experiences and new agendas. Either way, if these resonate with you, then now is certainly a great time to move towards your new career. The question is where do you want to move to? It is important to recognise all of the positive attributes, experiences and skills that have gained during this and your previous career roles. When you can see what these are, it is time to harness them and take them with you towards your new career.

What does that new career look like to you? It may well include the use of some of your already gained skills and experiences and may also entail a period of additional training or up-skilling to meet the demands of the current market. If either of these is applicable, what is your first step towards the new career plan?

When you have decided what the first step is? What will you do to make that first step? How will you know that you have taken one step towards your new career? Will the old career look and feel any different? Now is the right time and the opportunities which exist are endless. The new career will give you fulfillment, challenge and reward which were lacking in your previous roles.